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"At Betterment, our customers are trusting us to help them achieve their financial goals,” said Brandon Wu, Head of Privacy & Security, Betterment. “Making sure we are building security into every aspect of our offering is a key focus for us. The approach of Amazon Inspector as a cloud-based, API-driven security service that can easily be built right into the software development and deployment lifecycle, is a scalable approach that resonates.”

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“At CapLinked, we are focused on accelerating sensitive financial transactions such as acquisitions, capital raises, audits, and other complex business transactions through a secure cloud based collaboration platform,” said Edward Chen, Chief Infrastructure Security Engineer, CISSP CapLinked. “Helping our customers understand what we do to ensure a high level of protection for their data is paramount. We like that Amazon Inspector is optimized for cloud, with an approach that fits easily into agile deployment models such as continuous integration continuous deployment and auto-scaling, helping security fit into the advancements we have seen in DevOps.”


Coinbase is one of the most widely used bitcoin wallet and exchange companies. “If we deploy code with a known vulnerability, we’ve already opened up our platform to risk,” said Rob Witoff, Director, Coinbase. “In the new world of continuous deployment and continuous integration, and deployment into immutable environments, we need security tooling that runs inline with our software development and deployment pipeline. Amazon Inspector is helping companies like ours embrace the immutable future and can pull our industry out of the security dark ages.”


"Our company was founded with the vision of building a disruptive software platform to transform how cancer care is delivered", said Nicholas Arvanitis, Security Engineer at Flatiron Health. "Dealing with healthcare data of this nature requires us to maintain a high level of systems security while still rapidly innovating. We are excited about the prospect of integrating Amazon Inspector to further automate security assessments throughout our operations lifecycle to ensure that our security scales as quickly as our engineering efforts."

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“As we work to place 80% of our IT resources in the Cloud, we are taking full advantage of the rich security features available, ” said Mike Chapple, Senior Director of IT Service Delivery at Notre Dame. “As an information security professional with experience in the public and private sectors, I’m excited at the opportunity the cloud provides for innovation in information security. Amazon Inspector is a great example of how AWS is accelerating investment in security-focused services and we like the approach of a highly scalable, API driven security as a service that we can place throughout our cloud operations.”

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