Tim has three decades of software experience, and has been working on messaging, eventing, and orchestration systems as a Senior Principal Engineer at AWS since 2014. He is the editor of the W3C XML and IETF JSON specifications, has written over a million words on his blog at tbray.org, and is also known as @timbray.

Tim Bray and Friends | Live Stream Messaging Series

Join Tim Bray, AWS Senior Principal Engineer, and fellow industry experts in an interactive, multi-part live stream messaging series on twitch.tv/aws. Tim and his guests will discuss and demonstrate how developers are using messaging in modern application architecture. Learn how to use messaging to simplify and scale serverless apps and microservices, integrate on-prem and cloud resources, enable real-time analytics, and support millions of devices. Each episode will dive into how customers are using AWS messaging services to do some pretty cool stuff like:

  • build a massive microservices media pipeline
  • stream ad-impression data for analytics
  • accelerate migration and enable hybrid architecture
You drive the direction of each discussion with your questions and comments, so tweet @Timbray if you have a request for an upcoming episode, or share your questions and thoughts in Twitch chat. 
Warning: there will be code!

Upcoming Live Episodes

Messaging for Millions of Devices | Guest: Dinkar Pataballa, AWS Software Development Manager

Date: Thursday, June 21, 2018
Time: 10am-11am, PST

Recorded Episodes

Messaging for Application Architecture | Guest: Jeff Barr, AWS VP and Chief Evangelist

Tim Bray, AWS Senior Principal Engineer, and Jeff Barr, VP & Chief Evangelist, kick off the first episode of the multi-part messaging miniseries with discussions and demos for how developers are using messaging in modern application architecture.

Messaging for Migration and Modernization | Guests: Broc Miramontes, Crew CTO and Co-Founder and Trevor Dyck, AWS Senior Product Manager

Broc Miramontes, CTO of Crew, joined Tim to discuss how they're using Amazon MQ message brokers in their chat application.

Messaging for Parallel Processing | Guest: Sam Dengler, AWS Solutions Architect

Join Tim Bray, AWS Senior Principal Engineer, and Sam Dengler, AWS Solutions Architect, in a discussion on how developers are using messaging in modern application architecture.

Messaging for Media and Broadcasting | Guests: Stephen Godwin, Lead Architect, BBC and Christopher Darlaston, Development Lead in Interactive TV, BBC

Learn more about messaging for media and broadcasting with Tim Bray, Principal Engineer, and expert guests from BBC - Stephen Godwin, and Christopher Darlaston.

Messaging for Real-time User Engagement | Guest: Georgie Matthews, AWS Senior Product Manager

Georgie Mathews, Sr. Product Manager, joins Tim Bray, Sr. Principal Engineer, to discuss messaging for real-time user engagement and to demo a Twitter sentiment analysis using Amazon Pinpoint.

Messaging for Real-time Analytics | Guest: Allan MacInnis, AWS Solution Architect

Allan MacInnis, AWS Solutions Architect, joins Tim to discuss and demonstrate how customers are using Kinesis Data Streams to build custom, real-time applications.

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