How do I request a spending limit increase for SMS messages in Amazon SNS?

Last updated: 2019-07-19

How do I request a spending limit increase for SMS messages in Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)?

Short Description

Amazon SNS limits the amount that an AWS account can spend to send text messages (SMS messages) using the service. By default, the limit is set to 1.00 USD per month to prevent abuse or misuse.

You can request a limit increase through the AWS Support Center. Your request must include these details, among others:

  • Your requested spend limit
  • A description of your use case
  • The types of messages that you plan to send


Calculate your required spend limit

Request a spend limit appropriate for your use case's requirements. Requesting very high limits without a valid use case will result in the request being denied.

To calculate your spend limit, multiply the expected number of messages per month by the cost per message.

Number of messages monthly x Cost per message = Spend limit

Note: For pricing of SMS message delivery to specific countries, see Worldwide SMS Pricing.

For example, let's say that your recipients are in a country where message delivery costs 0.00223 USD per message. To deliver 300 messages per day, the cost is about 20.00 USD, so a safe limit might be 30.00 USD.

300 messages daily x 30 days x 0.00223 USD = 20.07 USD

Describe your use case

A valid use case describes your intended use for SMS. Write a description that includes these details:

  • Requested spend limit
  • Company or website name and description
  • Target audience
  • AWS Region for the spend limit
  • Types of messages that you intend to send (Transactional or Promotional)
  • Peak number of messages that you intend to send in any given month

For example:

"We need an SMS spend limit of 200 USD so that our application ( stays highly available. Our application is an ecommerce website that uses SMS messaging to supply users with one-time passwords and shipping notifications. We require users to submit and verify their mobile numbers upon account creation, and they have the option to disable SMS shipping notifications. Our customers are located in the United States, and the spend limit should be applied to the us-east-1 AWS Region. We expect to send 40 SMS messages per hour. We intend to use the SMS short code 'myexampleapp' when delivering messages."

Note: Account spend limits are enforced per AWS Region. This allows you to use other Regions that support SMS messaging if you reach the limit in one Region. For example, suppose that you reach the approved SMS messaging spend limit using the N. Virginia Region (us-east-1). You can still send text messages using the Oregon Region (us-west-2) if you update your SMS preferences with the approved spend limit for the Oregon Region, too.

Request a spend limit increase

  1. Go to the AWS Support Center.
  2. Choose Create case.
  3. Choose Service limit increase, and then under Case classification, do the following:
    For Limit type, choose SNS Text Messaging.
    For Link to site or app which will be sending SMS - optional, enter the URL of your website or application.
    For Type of messages - optional, choose One Time Password, Promotional, or Transactional, depending on what you plan to send.
    For Targeted Countries - optional, enter General Limits.
  4. Under Requests, for Request 1, do the following:
    For Resource Type, choose General Limits.
    For New limit value, enter the needed spend limit that you calculated earlier.
  5. Under Case description, for Use case description, enter the description that you wrote earlier.
  6. Expand Contact options, and then choose your Preferred contact language.
  7. Choose Submit.

To track the status of your limit increase request, find your case in the AWS Support Center under My support cases. Or, check your mailbox for updates from AWS Support.

Update your SMS preferences

When you receive a confirmation that your request is approved, update the approved value in the text messaging preferences in Amazon SNS.

Important: If you skip this step, your SMS spend limit won't increase.

  1. Open the Amazon SNS console.
  2. Open the left navigation menu, expand Mobile, and then choose Text messaging (SMS).
  3. On the Mobile text messaging (SMS) page, next to Text messaging preferences, choose Edit.
  4. On the Edit text messaging preferences page, under Details, enter your new SMS spend limit for Account spend limit - optional.
    Note: You might receive a warning that the entered value is larger than the default spend limit. You can ignore this message.
  5. Choose Save changes.

If you get an "Invalid Parameter" error, check the contact from AWS Support and confirm that you entered the correct new SMS spend limit. If you still experience a problem, open a case in the AWS Support Center.