Data Protection and Resilience on AWS Storage

Safeguard your data and design for business continuity

Whether you’re just getting started with cloud, planning to migrate applications to AWS, or already building applications on AWS, we have resources to help you protect your data and meet your business continuity objectives. Our data protection and resiliency features and solutions can help you meet your business continuity goals and deliver disaster recovery during data loss events, across recovery point and time objectives (RPO/RTO). 


Deliver business continuity by recovering data and applications to meet your Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives (RPO/RTO).
Protect your data with storage designed for 99.999999999 (11 9s) of durability and multi Availability Zone resilience.
Safeguard your data with unmatched security, compliance, and audit capabilities.
Recover data with options from granular restore to recovery across AWS accounts, AWS Regions, and on-premises environments.

Use Cases

Secure access to shared data

Implement role-based access controls, encryption of data in transit and at rest, and a write once, read many (WORM) model with immutable data.

Rollback to last known good data

Restore data from snapshots, versions, and secondary copies replicated to another AWS Region or account.

Back up and recover data from on premises

Back up, archive, or replicate data from your on-premises data stores to AWS to meet your data retention, compliance, and disaster recovery requirements with services from AWS and AWS Partners

Back up and recover data in AWS

Centrally configure and orchestrate backup activities across your AWS accounts, resources, and AWS Regions with a fully managed, policy-based service

Recover applications to AWS

Recover on-premises and cloud-based applications to AWS using affordable storage, minimal compute, and point-in-time recovery.

Validate your resilience and recovery plans

Improve resiliency and performance with controlled experiments and game-day simulations to monitor and prove your data resilience and recovery.

Customer Stories

HBO Max securely manages content across its media supply chain using Amazon S3

“We migrated PB-scale content to Amazon S3 and built a secure and robust content supply chain. Using Amazon S3 Replication, we created secure, immutable cross-account and cross-Region backups. Streamlining content supply chain has enabled our internal team to securely manage content across our media supply chain.”


Asurion was able to deliver a standardized data protection framework across 200 accounts in 5 Regions with AWS Backup and automate their backup compliance reporting. 

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“Amazon EBS Snapshots Archive not only meets our technical and compliance requirements, but also ensures that our cost for storage of snapshots is sustainable for years to come.”

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S&P Global Market Intelligence

“Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP provides us the ideal high-availability, cost-effective shared storage solution for our SQL Server FCI DR strategy. The SnapMirror functionality helped reduce our RPO and we only pay for the storage we use now – high availability SQL Server and DR made easy!”

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How to get started

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