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Deliveroo has built its successful food delivery business by meeting customer needs quickly. Deliveroo uses AWS in every part of its core business: accepting orders, transmitting them to restaurants, and delivering meals to customers. On AWS, Deliveroo can go deeper into its data, using analytics and machine learning to enhance every part of the business.


Founded in 2013, Deliveroo works with more than 140,000 restaurants, 10,000 grocery partners and 150,000 riders, delivering meals in over 800 cities across Europe and Asia. When Deliveroo turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2017, meeting demand was a key challenge. Using AWS has allowed Deliveroo to improve service quality, reducing food delivery times by 20 percent while also cutting costs. AWS’s scalable infrastructure now helps Deliveroo meet the fluctuating demands of delivering food in 12 markets worldwide, while machine learning (ML) and data analytics services provide the intelligence to manage delivery logistics and offer customers personalized restaurant recommendations. In this competitive market sector, Deliveroo needs to do more than just deliver food. It needs to deliver an exceptional customer experience, too. 


Deliveroo: A Journey with AWS

In this presentation from re:Invent 2019, Deliveroo CIO Will Sprunt discusses the company’s vision of becoming “the definitive food company,” its tremendous early growth, and how Deliveroo has scaled seamlessly without sacrificing speed of development by building on AWS.  

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AWS enabled us to grow by letting us focus on what we do best: connect restaurants and consumers through a team of riders on bikes, scooters, or cars. At first this was simply by providing the infrastructure that we needed to scale but didn’t have to manage on our own. Today it’s with sophisticated tools that help us make the most of data, make us more secure, and operate as efficiently as possible no matter what.”

Will Shu
Founder and CEO, Deliveroo

How Deliveroo Innovates Core Business Areas with AWS

To build a new business on the cutting edge of technology and succeed in the competitive field of food delivery, Deliveroo has worked with AWS to create an exceptional customer experience, make smart business decisions, and promote a culture of growth and innovation. Using AWS gives Deliveroo a sophisticated understanding of customer needs that ensures it remains the delivery service of choice. Making smart decisions about whether to enter a new market or how to optimize rider routes is possible through understanding the terabytes of data it collects and stores through AWS. Just as importantly, AWS supports a culture of growth and innovation by enabling scalable operations and the ability to develop the new ideas and services that make Deliveroo unique.

Delivering Excellence to Customers

The restaurants, diners, and delivery riders that Deliveroo brings together are all its customers. Ensuring each one has a good experience interacting with its services sets it apart in a competitive market. AWS is key to making this happen. AWS helps Deliveroo balance the needs of diners, delivery riders, and restaurants. Ensuring that Deliveroo is always available and that agents have the tools they need to find a solution is key.

The Power of Business Insights

Knowing the business inside out and developing the insights that determine whether to enter a new market or when to call in more riders is possible thanks to AWS data collection, storage, and processing tools. AWS helps Deliveroo understand the customer journey and share data on popular dishes and customer trends with restaurants to help them run their business better. And Deliveroo’s powerful predictive algorithm—called Frank—allows it to efficiently deliver orders based on the location of restaurants, riders, and customers.

A Culture of Growth and Innovation

Deliveroo CEO Will Shu founded Deliveroo with the mission of increasing food delivery options in London. His ambition and focus on results form the basis of Deliveroo’s culture and values. The flexibility of AWS serverless computing allows Deliveroo to fulfill a core value to “think big” and grow at over 650% each year. Working with AWS also means Deliveroo can focus on launching new services and managing growth, while allowing Deliveroo’s employees to focus on customers and do their best to create a better business every day.

Better for the Environment


Deliveroo strives to ensure that it reduces the environmental impact of its operations. One way it accomplishes this is by continually improving its innovative machine-learning algorithms that run on AWS to minimize riders’ travel times between restaurants and consumers, thereby reducing emissions. The company also promotes green vehicles, takes advantage of AWS’s on-demand resource model to reduce energy usage, and works with restaurants to minimize packaging, so they can deliver the same great meals with less waste. Deliveroo CEO Will Shu founded Deliveroo with the mission of improving the food delivery options in London. His ambition and focus on results form the basis of Deliveroo’s culture and values. Working with AWS means Deliveroo can focus on launching innovative new services and develop the best proposition for its marketplace. But a company’s culture is, at its heart, about people, and AWS allows Deliveroo’s employees to focus on customers and do their best to create a better business every day.

Surviving the Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic created huge disruption for Deliveroo. Lockdowns closed restaurants in many areas, while people needed food delivery more than ever. It was time for the company to innovate. After weathering the initial shock by scaling down AWS serverless computing resources, restaurants reopened, and Deliveroo moved forward. Thanks to AWS, it didn’t have to focus on infrastructure management and had access to data-driven insights about the changes to its business. This enabled it to launch new services such as contactless restaurant ordering and payment during a difficult and challenging time.

Migrating to AWS – A Journey to Reliable Growth


In 2017 Deliveroo approached AWS to create a plan for how and when to migrate each workload from its previous providers. Over several months Deliveroo moved its mission-critical systems to AWS without disrupting service. By 2019, Deliveroo was all-in with AWS.Deliveroo relies on AWS for more than 90 percent of its technology needs, including every part of its core business: accepting orders, transmitting them to restaurants, and delivering meals to customers. AWS also handles vital applications such as credit card processing, compliance tasks, and backend finance. Since migrating to AWS, Deliveroo has improved website and network performance during busy times and seen a 56 percent reduction in compute and database costs.

The Awkward Teenager: Learnings From One Uk Unicorn's Story


In this talk, find out what food delivery company Deliveroo has learned by growing from an early-stage, 20-person startup into a "teenage" business with an awkward growth phase and then reaching its current status as an enterprise company with over 300 engineers. 

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Data-driven Decisions Based on Machine Learning


Deliveroo uses machine learning to provide business leaders with the information they need to make data-driven decisions. It allows them to test out new product ideas or operational approaches, and quickly provide the business with actionable insights about how the idea or approach would fare before rolling it out. Deliveroo also uses ML to provide personalization on its website that increases order size and reduces abandoned transactions. Customer orders arrive quickly at customers’ doorsteps thanks to ML that improves the efficiency of delivery drivers’ routes. ML algorithms predict restaurant meal preparation times, as well as driver pickup and delivery times.

Chat and Voice Customer Service Combined


Using Amazon Connect, which offers a seamless experience across voice and chat, means that Deliveroo can always offer great customer service as it grows. Customers increasingly expect companies to offer an omnichannel contact center that allows them to reach the company via their preferred channel and quickly get an effective resolution to their request. With Amazon Connect, Deliveroo has doubled its contact center volumes with no increase in overheads, effectively resolved complaints, and saw uptake of its self-service “Order Help” portal grow by 30 percent—from 35 percent of customer contacts to 50 percent. AWS means Deliveroo can really connect with customers.

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