Optimize financial risk and regulatory data management and reporting with RegCloud

For years, financial institutions have had their hands full monitoring and interpreting new regulations, incorporating ever-changing regulatory rules, regression testing, upgrading software, and managing technical infrastructures. AxiomSL’s leading ControllerView® data management and regulatory reporting platform enables organizations to efficiently address many of those issues. It solves various reporting requirements including financial, liquidity, capital and credit, shareholding disclosure, trade and transactions, broker dealers, and tax, in a unique and transparent manner.

Now, AxiomSL’s RegCloud: ControllerView® on AWS offers a set of cloud-native technical and operational capabilities that enable financial institutions to harness the power of the cloud for their risk and regulatory data management and reporting initiatives. RegCloud’s secure architecture enables institutions to enhance operational efficiency while protecting the material nonpublic information inherent to risk and regulatory datasets. In addition, RegCloud enables financial institutions to extend collaboration on regulatory initiatives enterprise-wide by effectively eliminating location and time-zone barriers to productivity. RegCloud helps customers insulate themselves against both technological and regulatory changes.


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Any country covered by an AWS Region excluding China


ISO 27001/17, SOC certification with penetration tests and continuous cyber-risk monitoring.
Artificial intelligence for automated mapping and regression testing.


Streamlined support with full-stack, business-aligned service-level commitments.

Flexible and scalable

Highly scalable architecture that adapts to meet ever-changing business needs.
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  • Key activities
  • Customer contribution
  • About this consultant
  • Architecture diagram
  • How it works
  • A RegCloud implementation combines the benefits of absolute data segregation and customer-specific data sovereignty with the efficiencies of scalable solutions and automated change management. Thus, financial institutions can focus on the process, data integrity, and controls associated with their regulatory commitments while benefiting from security, scalability, efficiency, and innovation.

    The data-driven enterprise platform ingests native data from disparate sources without retrofitting, pre-load transformation, or format imposition. It seamlessly and transparently delivers the workflow automation and controls, performs validation and calculation, and offers unique dynamic data lineage and traceability along with analytic dashboards and reporting required by internal and external stakeholders. 

    Furthermore, the cybersecurity-certified RegCloud insulates customers against technology and regulatory changes (software and infrastructure updates to RegCloud, the ControllerView® platform, and the related array of solutions) and maintenance (including synchronous data replication). This fully managed offering enables financial firms to focus on business goals and minimize total cost of ownership (TCO), while achieving on-time regulatory compliance and audit defense across jurisdictions.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Design and planning
    Identify the AMI types and current states for automation.
    2) ControllerView® platform setup
    Obtain security access, onboard platform and reporting solutions, configure objects and modules.
    3) Data provisioning
    Load and validate data from disparate sources, databases, files, and systems.
    4) Solution implementation
    Configure data models and enrichment; customize visual business rules, workflows, reconciliations, and reporting templates.
    5) Unit testing

    Test customer data in non-production environment and verify execution, edit checks, and submission outputs.

    6) User acceptance testing (UAT)

    Customer tests, verifies, and compares results (report and electronic submission files) to expected outcomes.

    7) Production go-live
    Finalize report implementation and produce regulatory submission files.
  • Customer contribution
  • Participate in a scoping workshop

    Customer and AxiomSL's customer engagement team will set reporting objectives and RegCloud connectivity.

    Determine data sourcing strategy

    AxiomSL will help customer to analyze gaps between filings and data sources and identify original data sources.

    Determine data modeling strategy

    AxiomSL will determine the enrichment and aggregations that will enable the truth of customer data.

    Determine report configuration

    AxiomSL will marry aggregated data sets to customer report outcomes.

    Unit and acceptance testing

    AxiomSL's customer engagement team will help customer process and analyze impact.

    Operational and functional reports

    AxiomSL's customer engagement team will provide support through go-live.

  • About this consultant
  • AxiomSL, an AWS Financial Services Competency Partner and a leading global provider of risk and regulatory data-management and reporting for more than 25 years, delivers efficient outcomes for financial institutions across financial, liquidity, capital and credit, shareholding disclosure, trade and transaction, and tax requirements. Its single, fully managed, audit-empowered offering RegCloud futureproofs customers against technology and regulatory change.

    AxiomSL’s customer base spans national, regional, and global financial institutions. These comprise banks with $45 trillion in total assets including 80% of G-SIBs; investment managers with $13 trillion in assets under management; and 30% of the top 60 US broker-dealers representing $44 billion in shareholder equity. It covers 110 regulators across 50 jurisdictions. AxiomSL ranks in the top 20 of the Chartis RiskTech100®.

  • Architecture diagram

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