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This learning path is designed for individuals who plan, design, or manage AWS database services to optimize data strategy. Learn about planning and designing databases using AWS services. Then validate your comprehensive understanding of AWS database services, and accelerating the use of database technology to drive your organization's business transformation, with the AWS Certified Database - Specialty certification.

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  • Follow this recommended sequence of courses and exams to build your AWS Cloud skills in this Learning Path.

    AWS Database Offerings

    This self-paced course provides a basic overview of different database technologies and architectures, and introduces you to the various AWS database services.

    Digital | 5.5 hours

    Planning and Designing Databases on AWS

    Explore the key features of AWS database services and learn how to choose the appropriate AWS database service to meet your application's needs and requirements.

    Classroom | 3 days

    Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Database - Specialty

    Prepare for the AWS Certified Database - Specialty exam by exploring the topic areas and how they map to databases on AWS and to specific areas to study. Review sample exam questions in each topic area and learn how to interpret the concepts being tested so that you can more easily eliminate incorrect responses.

    Classroom | 1 day
    | 3.5 hours

  • Introduction to Database Migration

    In this course, you will learn how to migrate a production database using the AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) and AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT). You will be introduced to the full database migration process, from envisioning to post-production support.

    Digital | 45 minutes

    PostgreSQL Fundamentals

    This course offers a foundational introduction to PostgreSQL, which is an open-source relational database management system. You will learn about the history of PostgreSQL, get an introduction to databases, and learn PostgreSQL fundamentals.

    Digital | 20 minutes

    PostgreSQL Fundamentals: Architecture

    In this course, you will gain an understanding of the architecture of a PostgreSQL database. You will also learn how to read, write, edit, and store data in a PostgreSQL database.

    Digital | 1 hour

    PostgreSQL Fundamentals: SQL Command Line

    In this course, you will learn how to use PSQL, the native command-line client to a PostgreSQL database.

    Digital | 15 minutes

    PostgreSQL Fundamentals: SQL Explain

    In this course, you will learn how to use Explain in a PostgreSQL database.

    Digital | 30 minutes

  • Optional training

    Architecting on AWS

    This course shows you the fundamentals of building IT infrastructure on the AWS platform. You learn how to optimize the AWS Cloud by understanding AWS services and how they fit into cloud-based solutions.

    Classroom | 3 days

  • AWS Certification

    AWS Certified Database - Specialty

    This certification validates a comprehensive understanding of the breadth of AWS database services and how to accelerate the use of database technology to drive business transformation in your organization.

    Exam | 180 minutes


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