Starting January 31, 2024, you will no longer be able to access AWS DeepLens through the AWS management console, manage DeepLens devices, or access any projects you have created. To export projects and learn more use this step-by-step guide.

AWS DeepLens Developer resources

Developer guide & discussion forum

AWS DeepLens developer guide

The developer guide provides you a comprehensive overview of AWS DeepLens. It includes information on getting started, working with projects, managing your device, troubleshooting, and more.


AWS DeepLens developer discussion forum

The AWS DeepLens Discussion Forum is where you can post your questions and feedback about your experience with AWS DeepLens. Use the RSS feeds and e-mail watches to stay in tune with the latest updates.


Video tutorials

These step-by-step video tutorials will guide you through getting started with AWS DeepLens. Follow them sequentially from 1-3 and you'll be up, running, and building in minutes.  

1. How to create and deploy a deep learning project with AWS DeepLens

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through creating and deploying your first deep learning model with AWS DeepLens. You will create a project, then deploy and view the project output directly from the device. (4:04)

2. How to extend a deep learning project with AWS DeepLens


This step-by-step tutorial will help guide you through extending a model with AWS DeepLens. You will capture the events from your AWS DeepLens model and put them in a queue ready for further processing. You can then extend the models utilizing AWS Lambda functions. (6:47) 

3. How to build an AWS DeepLens project using Amazon SageMaker


This step-by-step tutorial will help guide you through creating a model using Amazon SageMaker and importing it to AWS DeepLens. You will set up a SageMaker instance, import and configure an external notebook from GitHub and import the externally trained model to your AWS DeepLens. (6:22) 

Video presentations

Introducing AWS DeepLens

Many developers are looking for an easier way to learn machine learning. In this Tech Talk, we will demonstrate how AWS DeepLens - the world’s first deep-learning enabled video camera, can accelerate this learning process by putting deep learning skills within reach and in the hands of all developers. Learn how you can advance your skills by pairing this physical device for hands-on learning with a broad set of tutorials, examples, source code, and integration with familiar AWS services such AWS Lambda and Amazon SageMaker to support your learning and experimentation. (19:54) 

Educational blog posts

The AWS Machine Learning blog features educational content, use cases and all the latest news about AWS machine learning services. Below you'll find a selection of instructional content that can help you as you start building with DeepLens. Go to the blog to view all of the content for AWS DeepLens.

No blog posts have been found at this time. Please see the AWS Blog for other resources.