AWS DeepRacer League Schedule and Standings

Race at one of 12 AWS Summit Circuit events or any Virtual Circuit race, with no limit to how many races you compete in to improve your chances. Find the official results of past races below.



AWS DeepRacer League Summit Circuit

The Summit Circuit returns to 12 AWS Summits around the globe in 2023. Find a participating Summit in your region to compete for prizes and glory. The top 3 developers at each Summit have the opportunity to earn an AWS DeepRacer device, while the fastest developer at each Summit race will earn the opportunity to advance to participate in the AWS DeepRacer League Championships at AWS re:Invent 2023.

Paris Berlin London Madrid
Sydney Mumbai Shanghai Taipei
Tokyo Hong Kong Washington D.C. New York
Prepare for the Summit Circuit

Once you've registered to attend a summit, train a model to take to the physical track. All AWS Summit races in 2023 will take place on the A to Z Speedway, in a clockwise direction. Prepare for race day by logging into the AWS DeepRacer service and training your model in the 3D simulation environment. You can practice at home with your own AWS DeepRacer device, or bring your trained model to any AWS Summit and race on a device provided by AWS.

AWS DeepRacer League Leaderboard history
Virtual Circuit Results
Summit Circuit Results
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