AWS DevDay 2017 - Australia

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Internet of Things (IoT)

AWS makes it easy to get started with IoT and scale to billions of devices. Join us to learn about AWS Greengrass for local compute, messaging and sync capabilities for connected devices as well as enhancing your IoT application logic using AWS services. 

  • Track 1

    AWS Greengrass brings autonomous control and compute to the edge allowing you to build applications that provide business value in the form of predictive maintenance, resource optimisation, and management of complex control systems. In this session we look at how to leverage inputs such as sensors and streaming data with outputs like relays and actuators to coordinate the components of distributed IoT applications.

    Speaker: Shane Baldacchino, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

  • Track 2

    The advent of synthetic worlds such as those provided by Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and simulators provide an ideal opportunity to use cloud services to ingest near real-time streaming data from within the synthetic world. This session will explore methods of instrumenting these synthetic worlds so they can stream statistics, metrics, and performance data into AWS. Real-time analytics, machine learning, and voice interaction/feedback along with visualisation are explored as a means to interact with and understand this data.

    Speaker: Marc Teichtahl, Solutions Architect Manager, Amazon Web Services