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Abusing sed and awk for aws-cli fun and profit

 Abby Fuller

 Region: Americas | Global

Abby Fuller works on the containers team at Amazon Web Services. Prior to joining Amazon, she worked for a number of startups, including Airtime and Hailo.

Abby writes as AWS Abby for the "Dear AWS Abby" blog.  She tweets @abbyfuller, and streams on twitch.tv/aws.

You can find slides for previous talks here.

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2019 schedule coming soon!
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Let me know at abbyfull@amazon.com
Creating Effective Images (DockerCon US 2017)
AWS SF Summit Keynote 2018
re:Invent Keynote (Werner Vogels) 2017
AWS NYC Summit Keynote 2016
Live from the AWS Summit: AWS CloudHSM Launch
Live from the AWS Summit: AWS Glue Launch
This is My Architecture: CoreOS
This is My Code: Capital One
This is My Architecture: Slack

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