Aileen Gemma Smith, Head of Developer Relations, Americas and Online and Digital Communities

 Aileen Gemma Smith

Aileen (she/her) leads the Developer Relations team for both the Americas and for Online and Digital Communities at AWS. The two growing teams are focused on building inclusive and accessible communities around the world by connecting with developers and builders to share knowledge and best practices.

Aileen is a self-taught developer with a particular interest in graph databases. She has delivered innovative online experiences in education, financial and business news, and the public sector for over twenty years. Her work has focused on content in context. She founded and led a business intelligence and data analytics startup. Vizalytics used public open data to bring contextual insight to a global customer base in transportation, tourism, and economic development. Aileen was an AWS Data Hero during her time in Australia. She is driven to help and support developers worldwide in their work. Aileen brings her passion for empowering others in her ongoing mentoring work with founders and students. Reach out and connect.

What is the AWS Evangelism and Advocacy team?

The AWS Evangelism & Advocacy team supports grass roots, community-led technical knowledge-sharing around the globe. They engage with developers & architects to increase awareness and adoption of AWS services. They help users understand how to develop, deploy and operate applications that are scalable, secure and maintainable. 

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