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 Alejandra Quetzalli

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Alejandra is a Developer Advocate focused on helping developers that are early in their technology careers get started on their cloud journey. She works to help them overcome hurdles in figuring out where to start with the cloud.

Breaking fear barriers is Alejandra’s favorite part of the job – her goal is to make anyone getting started on AWS feel welcome. She does this by creating getting started and robotics in the cloud content via blogging, conference talks, Twitch and YouTube videos, workshops, and more. (Originally from México, she also develops Spanish technical talks for Spanish speaking customers.)

Alejandra loves going outside for walks and runs with Canela, her service dog. She secretly sings and dances to hip-hop music whenever she thinks no one is looking. She’s also played the piano since she was 4 years old. Alejandra prefers painting with oils, the louder and brighter her color palette, the happier she feels. The main reason she enjoys fiddling with robots is because hardware has always come easier to her, due to its tactile and visual components.

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