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Live Coding with AWS | Machine Learning
Live Coding with AWS | Machine Learning


Julio is a software engineer helping others to be successful with AWS. Particularly those who, for any reason, wouldn't have access to AWS training, support or someone to lend a hand. Represents Spain and Portugal in the AWS Technical Evangelists team, building communities to share experiences and dive deep into the cloud innovations. Also happy to help with engineering pains and doubts, as that is much a part of learning. Julio has been pushing code to the cloud daily for years now, for Amazon, Red Hat, Borland, Governments, Telcos, Startups and too many pet projects.

Join me in person at any of the following events or online by the social links below.


Well Architected on Twitch | Reliability Pillar
May 2 2018
Online Event

Getting Started Workshop Bilbao
May 8 2018
Bilbao, Spain

AWS Summit London
May 9-10 2018
London, England

Well Architected on Twitch | Performance Pillar
May 15 2018
Online Event

Pre-Summit Workshop Madrid
May 16 2018
Madrid, Spain

AWS Summit Madrid
May 17 2018
Madrid, Spain

AI Barcelona
May 22 2018
Barcelona, Spain

J on the Beach
May 23-25 2018
Malaga, Spain

AWS Meetup Alicante
May 28 2018
Alicante, Spain

dotScale 2018
June 1 2018
Paris, France

Well Architected on Twitch | Cost Optimization Pillar
June 5 2018
Online Event

June 19 2018
Coimbra, Portugal

Well Architected on Twitch | Operational Excellence Pillar
June 27 2018
Online Event



  • Application Architecture
  • Well Architected Framework
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Java Application Integration
  • Machine Learning
  • Web Development
  • Open Source Software
  • Fixed Gear Bikes


The AWS Technical Evangelism Team works with developers & architects around the globe, increasing awareness and adoption of AWS services by helping them understand how they can put AWS to work to help them develop, deploy and operate applications that are scalable, secure and cost efficient, as well as being easy to manage and maintain. The team also supports grass roots, community-led technical knowledge-sharing through its work with AWS User Groups and AWS Community Heroes worldwide.

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