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Application Architecture
Well Architected Framework
Continuous Delivery
Infrastructure as Code
Java Application Integration
Machine Learning
Web Development
Open Source Software
Fixed Gear Bikes

 Julio Faerman

 Region: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Julio represents developers from Spain and Portugal in the AWS Technical Evangelists team, improving the collaboration with customers, events, partners and content developers in the Iberia region. After years building systems large and small, mostly with Java and Linux, he now focus in helping builders be successful with AWS, bringing back their experiences and improving technology.

Live Coding with AWS | Machine Learning
Live Coding with AWS | Efficient Content Delivery
Live Coding with AWS | Application Delivery
Live Coding with AWS | API Authentication with Amazon Cognito
Live Coding with AWS | SQL vs. NoSQL

What is the AWS Evangelism and Advocacy team?

The AWS Evangelism & Advocacy team supports grass roots, community-led technical knowledge-sharing around the globe. They engage with developers & architects to increase awareness and adoption of AWS services. They help users understand how to develop, deploy and operate applications that are scalable, secure and maintainable. 

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