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 Nicki Stone

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Nicki Stone is a Senior Technical Evangelist based in Seattle, WA and is focused on enabling all kinds of software developers from all different backgrounds with her content on Twitch or talks at conferences. Nicki enjoys using most languages and constantly learning new ones, but .NET/C# will always be her first love.

Nicki brings with her 5 years of experience working in the software industry, first as a self-taught .NET developer, and then as a VC funded entrepreneur working on an HRTech startup for developers. She is very passionate about helping developers succeed on AWS and in general and believes anyone can learn to code at any age.

Nicki is also a co-host of Live with AM & Nicki, a live streaming Twitch show where AM and Nicki teach developers that are new to AWS or development how to be successful on AWS.

Nicki loves to wear funny programming t-shirts daily, be sure to read what her shirt says if you see her!

Introduction to Live with AM & Nicki
Live with AM & Nicki
Build a Serverless .NET App on AWS
AWS CodeBuild and .NET Core Apps

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