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 Randall Hunt, Technical Evangelist and Software Engineer

 Region: Americas

Randall Hunt is a Senior Technical Evangelist and Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services in Los Angeles. Randall spends most of his time building demos and writing about new services and launches on the AWS News Blog. Python is his favorite programming language but he can sometimes be found in the dark realm of C++. Prior to working at AWS, Randall launched rockets at NASA and SpaceX but he found his programming passion at MongoDB. He is a total space nerd.

Randall has dealt with a wide range of both business and technical issues across many different verticals based on his experiences at SpaceX, MongoDB, AWS, and NASA. Thanks to these experiences Randall has gained a deep understanding of deploying large scale technical solutions in cloud environments.

As a Sr. Technical Evangelist, Randall often speaks at conferences and events across the world where he helps developers maximize their productivity in the cloud. He's particularly interested in AI, databases, serverless, and DevOps. He holds all seven AWS certifications. 

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