Aileen Gemma Smith, CEO at Vizalytics Technology Incorporated

 Sydney, Australia

 Hero since 2019

Aileen Gemma Smith is the founder and CEO of Vizalytics Technology. Vizalytics provides insights, business intelligence and data analytics through their platform solutions. The team at Vizalytics serves public and private sector clients worldwide in transportation, tourism, and economic development. She shared their story in the "Building Complex Workloads in the Cloud" session at the AWS Canberra Summit 2017.

Aileen’s work at Vizalytics includes a relentless focus on customer needs, building relationships with clients and working as part of the tech team. Her focus is on taxonomies, ontologies and building out entity relationships in their proprietary knowledge graph. She is a self taught developer with a particular focus on graph databases, semantic technologies and RDF.

She has a keen interest in diversity and inclusion initiatives and is constantly working to elevate the work and voices of underestimated engineers and founders. At AWS Public Sector Summit Canberra in 2018, she was a panelist for We Power Tech, Inclusive Conversations with Women in Technology.

She has supported and encouraged the creation of internships and mentoring programs for high school and university students with a focus on building out STEAM initiatives. Aileen serves as a board member for the New York City Board of Education, Career and Technology Education IT Commission. She also serves on the NYC Open Data Advisory Council.


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