Brooke Jamieson, Head of Enablement - AI/ML and Data at

 Brisbane, Australia

 Hero since 2022

Brooke is the Head of Enablement - AI/ML and Data at, and is an international conference speaker. With degrees in Mathematics and Data Engineering, Brooke specialises in researching & developing technically robust solutions that help “non-data people” harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for their industry, and communicate this effectively.

Outside of their ‘day job’, Brooke is a dedicated member of the AWS Community and is a regular speaker at local user groups, global events and guest lectures at multiple Australian Universities. They also make entry-level cloud career and technical content on TikTok, to reach broad audiences and diverse groups wanting to transition to careers in AI/ML and Cloud. Brooke is an Advisory Board member of Women in Digital, and strives to promote STEM pathways to young people in regional Australia & members of the LGBTIQA+ community.

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