Emrah Şamdan, VP of Products at Thundra

 Ankara, Turkey

 Hero since 2020

Emrah Şamdan is the VP of Products at Thundra, a tool that aims to ease troubleshooting for developers with distributed tracing and production debugging across cloud services. In order to expand the serverless community globally in the times of a pandemic, he co-organized the quarterly-held ServerlessDays Virtual. He’s also a local community organizer for AWS Community Day Turkey, ServerlessDays Istanbul, and bi-weekly meetups at Cloud and Serverless Turkey. He’s currently part of the core organizer team of global ServerlessDays, and is continuously looking for ways to expand the community.

As a part of his job at Thundra, he talks with many serverless developers, diagnoses and solves many problems, and removes barriers in front of serverless adaptation. He frequently writes about serverless and cloud-native microservices on the Thundra blog and also on Medium. Emrah speaks at many international conferences on serverless observability, chaos engineering, DevOps transformation with serverless, and more.

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