Gert Leenders

AWS DevTools Hero

 Gert Leenders, Cloud Solution Architect at DPG Media

 Brussels. Belgium

 Hero since 2021

Gert Leenders started his career as a developer in 2001. Eight years ago, his focus shifted entirely towards AWS. Today, he's an AWS Cloud Solution Architect helping teams build and deploy cloud-native applications and manage their cloud infrastructure. Being part of the Devoxx program committee, he ensures that high quality cloud-focused sessions make it into the conference.

Gert currently works for a big media company where he's involved in the AWS migration path from day one. Working in an environment with more than fifty development teams allows him to touch almost every aspect and service of AWS, where he can test out new stuff firsthand and participate in multiple AWS beta programs.

Gert was an early adopter of applying the cookiecutter concept to AWS CloudFormation: a collection of cookiecutter CloudFormation templates he collaborated on enabled a quick and effortless migration of existing applications to AWS. On his blog, Gert emphasizes hidden gems in AWS developer tools and day-to-day topics for cloud engineers like logging, debugging, error handling, and Infrastructure as Code. He also often shares code on GitHub.

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