Gillian Armstrong, Solutions Architect at Liberty IT

 Belfast, United Kingdom

 Hero since 2019

Gillian works for Liberty IT where she is helping to bring Machine Learning and Serverless into the enterprise. This involves hands-on architecting and building systems, as well as helping build out strategy and education. She’s excited about how Applied AI, the space where Machine Learning and Serverless meet, is allowing Software Engineers to build intelligence into their systems, and as such is an enthusiastic user and evangelist for the AWS AI Services. She is also exploring how tools like Amazon SageMaker can allow Software Engineers and Data Scientists to work closer together.

She is a passionate advocate of Ethical and Human-Centred AI Design, and understanding how AI is changing the paradigms of Human-Computer Interaction.

She loves sharing what she is learning in Blogs, local meet-ups, and Conferences around the world like AWS re:Invent, QCon and ServerlessDays. She hangs out on twitter @virtualgill and is always delighted to meet and talk to like-minded people!

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