Habeeb Rahman

 Bangalore, India

 Hero since 2016

Habeeb Rahman is an entrepreneurial minded cloud infrastructure engineer, with a special interest in peer learning and community. He recently joined Citrix (GetGo) to help with application delivery automation. He led the cloud infrastructure team at Apigee (acquired by Google) and helped build Apigee's SaaS infrastructure in AWS cloud. Prior to Apigee, he held multiple operations engineering roles at Cable & Wireless (now Vodafone).  

He has presented at conferences - Devopsdays, Rootconf and AWS community meetups. He later helped co-organize the AWS User Group in Bangalore. His other interests are cognitive science and leadership in high performance organizations.

He believes the success of the User Group is not just his but a larger team working with him without expecting any rewards in return. He hopes to further strengthen AWS User Groups as one the best users group in India for peer leaning.

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