Hein Tibosch, Independent Embedded Software Developer

 Bali, Indonesia

 Hero since 2020

Hein Tibosch is a skilled software developer, specializing in embedded applications and working as an independent at his craft for over 17 years. Hein is exemplary in his community contributions for FreeRTOS, as an active committer to the FreeRTOS project and the most active customer on the FreeRTOS Community Forums. His incredible wealth of technical knowledge, coupled with his passion for FreeRTOS, drives him to create elegant and complete working solutions to difficult problems and share them with the community. Over the last 8 years, Hein's contributions to FreeRTOS have made a significant impact on the successful adoption of FreeRTOS by embedded developers of all technical levels and backgrounds.

In a past life, Hein was trained in cognitive science and AI, until he found his true calling with embedded development. He had first started working with MPUs and writing medical applications on Linux, and eventually was introduced to the world of MCUs running FreeRTOS. He also specializes in developing internet connected digital and analog audio devices.

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FreeRTOS Community Forums
FreeRTOS Community Forums

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