Lei Wu, Head of Machine Learning Engineering at FreeWheel

 Beijing, China

 Hero since 2021

Lei Wu is head of the machine learning team at FreeWheel, where he drives the adoption and application of Amazon SageMaker, EC2, S3, EMR, RDS, Athena, and many other AWS services.

He enjoys sharing technology with others, and he publishes many Chinese language tech blogs at infoQ, covering machine learning, big data, and distributed computing systems. As a lecturer at time.geekbang.org, one of the biggest IT knowledge-sharing platforms in China, he published a lesson: Performance tuning of Apache Spark atop AWS services.

Lei Wu works hard to promote deep learning adoption with AWS services wherever he can, including talks at Spark Summit China, World Artificial Intelligence Conference, AWS Innovate AI/ML edition, and AWS re:Invent where he shared FreeWheel's best practices on deep learning with Amazon SageMaker. If anyone is interested in Machine Learning, Amazon SageMaker, or distributed deep learning with AWS, he is happy to help them. 

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