Nofar Asselman, Head of Business Development at Epsagon

 Tel Aviv, Israel

 Hero since 2020

Nofar Asselman is the Head of Business Development at Epsagon - an automated tracing platform for cloud microservices. She initiated Epsagon’s partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and developed growth opportunities for the company. Nofar leads Epsagon’s business development department strategy, throughout revenue-generating channels and creating new alliances.

Nofar is a key figure at the AWS Partner Community and founded the first-ever AWS Partners Meetup Group. The group is focused on sharing joint AWS go-to-market strategies that successfully affect AWS Partners’ ecosystem and growth.

Nofar is passionate about her work with AWS cloud communities, organizes meetups regularly, and participates in conferences, events, and user groups. Nofar is a Founding Member of the Multi-Cloud Leadership Alliance (MCLA) and she loves sharing insights and best practices about her AWS experiences in blog posts on Medium.

Seems like past life, but Nofar once was a corporate lawyer. Now, you can catch up wtih her up on Twitter, on the tennis court, or exploring an exotic country. She's always up for a chat on Twitter!

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