Olalekan Elesin

AWS Machine Learning Hero

 Olalekan Elesin, Data Platform Tech Lead at HRS Group

 Berlin, Germany

 Hero since 2020

Olalekan Elesin is an engineer at heart, with a strong technical background and an obsession for solving customer problems. He has a proven record of leading successful machine learning projects as a data science engineer and a product manager, including using Amazon SageMaker to deliver an AI enabled platform for Scout24, which reduced productionizing ML projects from at least 7 weeks to 3 weeks.

He is currently the Data Platform Tech Lead at HRS Group, where he and his team are working to deliver a data platform built on AWS. He has given several talks across Germany on building machine learning products on AWS, including Serverless Product Recommendations with Amazon Rekognition. For his machine learning blog posts, he writes about automating machine learning workflows with Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Step Functions. He also works on promoting continuous deployment for automated machine learning on AWS, where he coined the word CD4AutoML - Continuous Delivery for AutoML.

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