Peter Sankauskas

AWS Community Hero

 Peter Sankauskas, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Hustle

 San Francisco, USA

 Hero since 2014

Peter Sankauskas is the Chief Product & Technology Officer at Hustle, a P2P communications service used by Sierra Club, the DNC, large non-profits, unions, and universities. 

Since 2013, he has organized the Advanced AWS Meetup in San Francisco where his passion for scalability, reliability and simplicity has helped countless people get the most out of the cloud.

Peter has been the CTO @ Reach, a Principal Engineer @ Caffeine, the CEO of CloudNative, the Founder of Answers for AWS and first engineer at multiple startups. In 2013, Peter became a NetflixOSS Cloud Prize winner for his work in making it easy to get up and running with multiple Netflix projects. His most widely used open source contribution however, was back in 2011 when he added the EC2 inventory plugin to Ansible.

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