Philippe Abdoulaye

AWS Community Hero

 Philippe Abdoulaye, Founder of ITaaSNow

 Raleigh, USA

 Hero since 2020

Philippe is the manager of Amaris Consulting cloud offer, an AWS advisory consulting business specializing on how to leverage the cloud to boost business performance. His main goal is to advise companies on how to transform IT infrastructure and IT organizations using AWS. He developed two architecture frameworks to speed up AWS architecture design and implementation, they include Amaris 360 Cloud Architecture and AWS Extended EC2 (xEC2). 

He wrote seven books with one cited among the global top 20 and 100+ articles on AWS, DevOps, and digital transformation and gives conferences on how to leverage AWS to boost businesses.

He regularly publishes on social networks including the AWS Community Network, Amazon AWS Architects, and LinkedIn, particularly focusing on AWS best practices under the label of « I Transform IT with AWS. »

His work on cloud computing has been featured on Forbes, ZDNet and foreign technology news websites like Germany’s ComputerWoche. His background is in Computer Science and he is very interested in IoT, AWS architecture, and the AWS-based IT Organization for the COVID-19 business context.

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