Ruofei Ma, Principal Software Engineer at FreeWheel Inc.

 Beijing, China

 Hero since 2020

Ruofei Ma works as a principal software engineer for FreeWheel Inc., where he focuses on developing cloud-native applications with AWS. He is developing applications using the newest AWS containerization services including Amazon EKS, AWS App Mesh, and so on.

He enjoys sharing technology with others and is the author of the book "Istio in practice" which was published by Posts and Telecom Press in 2019. As a lecturer at, the biggest IT knowledge-sharing platform in China, he published a lesson: Service Mesh in practice. He enjoys sharing his experience on various meetups, such as the CNCF webinar and GIAC.

Ruofei works hard to promote service mesh technologies through tech communities. He is a committee member of the largest service mesh community in China,, and often posts blogs to share his best practices with the community. He also is a consultant of cloud-native community If anyone is interested in AWS App Mesh, EKS, and containerization with AWS, he is happy to help them.

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