Sridevi Murugayen

AWS Data Hero

 Sridevi Murugayen, Senior Cloud Architect at Agilisium Consulting

 Chennai, India

 Hero since 2020

Sridevi Murugayen has 16+ years of IT experience and is a passionate developer and problem solver. She is a certified AWS and Spark professional currently working at Agilisium, an advanced AWS consulting partner focusing on providing big data and analytics solutions for customers.

Sridevi is an active co-organizer of the AWS User Group in Chennai, and helps host and deliver AWS Community Days, Meetups, and technical sessions to the developer community. She is a regular speaker in community events focusing on analytics solutions using AWS Analytics services, including Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, and AWS Glue. 

She strongly believes in diversity and inclusion for a successful society and loves encouraging and enabling women technologists. She was selected as one of the AWS re:Invent Community Leader Diversity Grant recipients in 2019. Apart from big data and analytics, she has a huge interest in machine learning and loves participating in AWS DeepRacer events.

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