Tomasz Dudek

machine learning hero

 Tomasz Dudek, Data & AI Team Lead at Chaos Gears

 Wroclaw, Poland

 Hero since 2023

Tomasz is working as a Data & AI Team Lead and a Solutions Architect at Chaos Gears. He guides customers on how leveraging machine learning powered solutions can help their businesses thrive. He also designs AWS architectures and manages a data-focused team.

He has worn many hats in his career: Java Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer, DevOps Engineer, and Engineering Manager. His wide array of experiences has helped him see things from different angles. He’s also good at understanding what everyone needs, and often steps in to smooth things over in stressful situations.

Tomasz also is co-organizing the conference AWS Community Day Poland, as well as hosting the AWS User Group in his hometown Wroclaw. He often conducts workshops, such as SageMaker Immersion Days, speaks at conferences, and shares his knowledge in the form of short posts on LinkedIn, and longer ones on his blog, MLOps and how you tame it.

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