Walid A. Shaari, Analytics Platform Engineer at Saudi Aramco

 Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

 Hero since 2021

Walid is Analytics Platform Engineer at Saudi Aramco. He is a passionate advocate of HPC, Linux, containers, Kubernetes, the cloud-native ecosystem, and has a keen interest in day-2 operations and security. He is the community lead for Dammam Cloud-native AWS User Group, working closely with some CNCF ambassadors, K8saraby, and AWS MENA community leaders to enable knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking. He jokingly describes himself as the "Cloud Native Janitor (CNJ)."

Walid helped organize the first AWS Community Day - MENA 2020. He presented the idea of using a holistic Kubernetes platform, utilizing Red Hat OKD, the parallel-stream Openshift OSS project, as a cost-effective hybrid cloud solution. Walid also maintains popular curated GitHub content for Certified Kubernetes Administrators (CKA) and Certified Kubernetes Security Specialists (CKS). He holds several active professional certifications: AWS Certified Associate Solutions Architect, Certified Kubernetes Administrator, Certified Kubernetes Application Developer, Red Hat Certified Architect level IV, and more.

His current interests include Gitops, AIOps, Firecracker, Bottlerocket, cloud-native security, and exploring EKS-Distro/Anywhere in hybrid cloud solutions.

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