Zainab Maleki

AWS Data Hero

 Zainab Maleki, Senior DevOps Engineer at Mechanical Rock

 Perth, Australia

 Hero since 2021

Zainab’s leadership skills have shone since arriving in Australia. Her volunteer experience at the Edmund Rice Centre was instrumental in her transition to her new life in Perth and, deciding to give back to the Centre, Zainab started a coding class for children of culturally diverse backgrounds in 2020. Zainab facilitated CoderDojo for girls for three years, which saw more than 100 girls participate in the program. She has also presented at a WiTWA event for school students and at the “Big Day In” event for over 500 students, motivating them to choose IT.

Zainab is also proud to share her experiences and expertise with the local and national tech communities. She has bravely stepped up to speak at numerous technical conferences starting with the TestWest 2016 motivating pair development. In 2018 she impressed the audience at the Latency Conference with her live demo, creating a production authentication platform in less than 10 minutes.

In 2020 Zainab presented reusable serverless patterns at the AWS Community Day and co-presented Design Driven Development in data and analytics at the Latency conference in Perth.

As a full-stack developer, Senior DevOps Engineer, AWS Ambassador and regular conference presenter Zainab is proud of the value that she has delivered to her clients and her community.

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