Modernize .NET Applications Using the Latest Features on AWS Development Tools

Developers are increasingly looking to modernize their .NET applications on AWS, using the AWS development tools for .NET to quickly get started and manage their applications. Join us for this fireside chat where AWS Technical Evangelist, Steve Roberts, and Norm Johanson, Senior Developer on the AWS .NET SDKs and Tools team, dive deep and demonstrate the latest updates to the AWS SDK and tools for .NET to make development for .NET developers even easier and more productive. 

Getting started with .NET development on AWS with Visual Studio

In this video, we walk you through how to get started with .NET development on AWS using Visual Studio 2019.

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How to Incorporate Graph Databases in .NET Applications on AWS (7:51)
Using Amazon Rekognition with .NET 5 (8:41)
Debug .NET Applications Running in Amazon ECS with AWS Toolkit for JetBrains Rider (12:00)
How to Support Streaming Data in your NET Application with Amazon Kinesis (7:16)
AWS Migration Options and Tooling for .NET Applications (13:28)
Migrating a Legacy .NET Framework Application to .NET 5 Using Porting Assistant for .NET (13:17)
How to Tag AWS Resource Group Entities with the AWS SDK for .NET (13:21)
Add a Managed Pub/Sub Messaging Service to a .NET Application with Amazon SNS (10:24)
Part 1: Integrate AWS CodeCommit with Visual Studio to Setup a Fully-managed Source Solution (14:27)
Part 2: Running a .NET Application on Serverless Containers Managed with AWS Fargate (14:35)
Part 3: CI/CD Pipeline with AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, and more (22:50)
How to Find Status of an AWS Support Case using AWS SDK for .NET (10:19)
How to use a Serverless Event Bus in .NET Applications with Amazon EventBridge (13:24)
How to Centrally Store Immutable Logs using Amazon QLDB with .NET Applications (10:26)
AWS Hosting Option for .NET Web Applications (8:38)

re:Invent 2020

AWS re:Invent 2020: Performance instrumentation and monitoring for .NET applications (30:53)
AWS re:Invent 2020: Advanced techniques for building with Amazon S3 in .NET applications (26:23)
AWS re:Invent 2020: Quickly containerize .NET & Java applications with AWS App2Container (28:20)
AWS re:Invent 2020: Porting .NET Framework applications to .NET Core on Linux (32:53)
AWS re:Invent 2020: Modernize .NET development with CI/CD and AWS Elastic Beanstalk (31:35)

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