Build On Live 2022 Schedule

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About the series

Build On Live Events are a series of technical streams on that focus on technology topics related to challenges hands-on practitioners face today. Conversations between AWS experts and guests happen in real time, giving the audience a chance to influence the discussion and receive immediate answers. The series are designed to provide continuous learning opportunities and consist of two distinct formats:

1) Build On Live Event - a quarterly day-long stream events centered around a main technology topic, focusing on demos, code, architecture diagrams and practical use cases.

2) Build On Live Weekly - weekly one-hour streams in between the main events where the audience can return to follow up with questions and further discussions on related topics.

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  • Experience a unique style of learning delivered by builders like you -  minimum slides and a lot of real-life examples, use cases, architecture diagrams and demos.
  • Interact with the content in real time and get answers to your questions from the speakers via the live chat
  • Earn twitch rewards as you participate regularly in more Live Events and Weekly streams
  • Tap into a community of technical peers with similiar challenges and exchange experience

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Build On Observability Day 

Hosted By: Jacquelyne Grindrod, Sr. Developer Advocate,  AWS and Ricardo Ferreira, Sr. Developer Advocate, AWS

Start Time (PST)  End Time (PST)  Session title  Guests 
8:00  8:20
Intro and Welcome 

Jacquelyne Grindrod, Ricardo Ferreira, Curtis Evans (AWS)

8:20 9:00 Go Beyond Observability With AI A.B. Vijay Kumar (IBM)
9:30 How to Migrate Observability Platforms With OpenSLO Ian Bartholomew (Nobl9)
9:30  10:20 Intro to eBPF: Explain to Me As if I Was Five Antón Rodriguez (New Relic)
11:00 OpenTelemetry—The Industry Telemetry Standard Michael Hausenblas (AWS)
11:00 11:50
That’s a Lot of Data! How To Manage Ingestion and Storage Costs? Rich Hartmann (Grafana Labs)
11:50 12:15
Observability and Distributed Tracing at CNCF Yuri Shkuro (Meta)
12:15 1:00
Creating Trace Data With OpenTelemetry Curtis Evans (AWS)
Wrap Up Jacquelyne Grindrod, Ricardo Ferreira, Curtis Evans (AWS)

Past Live Streams

Build On Live Hosts

AI & Machine Learning

 Jacquelyne Grindrod, Sr. Developer Advocate, AWS

Jacquelyne has worked in FinTech, media, eHealth, and she's currently a Senior Developer Advocate for AWS Canada. She’s passionate about solving problems with a holistic approach, and bridging the gaps in communication and systems. Building something meaningful is important to her – from making healthcare accessible to creating a networking app for women in tech (at ElleHacks 2018). Toronto’s tech community is getting stronger and Jacquelyne looks forward to continuing to collaborate with, and empower, those around her.

Connect with Jacqui on Twitter
AI & Machine Learning

 Ricardo Ferreira, Sr. Developer Advocate, AWS

Ricardo is Senior Developer Advocate at AWS, working in the developer relations team for North America. With +20 years of experience, he may have learned a thing or two about distributed systems, fast data analytics, software architecture, databases, and observability. Before joining AWS, he worked for software vendors like Elastic, Confluent, and Oracle. Ricardo is known for his natural ability to explain complex topics. He craftily breaks them down into bite-sized pieces until anyone can understand.

Connect with Ricardo on Twitter

New speakers to be announced soon.

Upcoming Build On Live Streams

Build On Live Weekly
Thursday, Augut 18, 9:00AM-10:00AM PST
Build On Live Weekly
Thursday, August 25, 9:00AM-10:00AM PST
Build On Live Weekly
Thursday, September 1, 9:00AM-10:00AM PST
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