Amazon DevPay lets you easily leverage Amazon’s proven billing and account management infrastructure, removing the pain of having to create or manage your own billing and subscription management systems, or figuring out how to charge for an on-demand application. The service provides you with a simple web interface to register, describe and price your application. Amazon DevPay provides you with a link that you can place wherever you wish on your web site, leading customers into the purchase pipeline that Amazon DevPay manages for you. Amazon DevPay automatically tracks your customers’ usage of AWS services, calculates their bills based on the prices you have set, and ensures only paying customers have access to your application. Amazon DevPay leverages Amazon Payments to charge your customers and then deposits the appropriate funds directly into your dedicated Amazon Payments Account, which you create when you sign up for Amazon DevPay.

Amazon DevPay provides you with the flexibility to choose how you want to price your application. You can charge your customers one-time or recurring monthly fees. In addition, Amazon DevPay meters your customers’ Amazon Web Services usage and lets you charge your customers based on that usage. Amazon DevPay also lets you change your pricing at a later time if needed.

Amazon DevPay, leverages the Amazon Payments infrastructure and provides you with an easy way to charge Amazon’s tens of millions of customers. Amazon customers can pay using the same login credentials and payment information they already have on file with us. This helps Amazon customers keep their payment information secure and removes the friction you would face if you required customers to enter their payment information before they could make a purchase.