Getting Started

Self Paced Labs: Get hands-on practice in a live AWS environment with AWS services and real-world cloud scenarios. Follow step-by-step instructions to learn a service, practice a use case, or prepare for AWS Certification.

Certifications: Validate technical knowledge with an industry-recognized credential

Activate: AWS Activate is a program designed to provide your startup with the resources you need to get started on AWS. Join some of the fastest-growing startups in the world and build your business using AWS.

Developer Portal: Post your questions and feedback to these forums. Use the RSS feeds and e-mail watches to stay in tune with AWS topics that interest you for now.

Whitepapers and Reference Architectures

Building a Real Time Bidding Platform on AWS - This whitepaper helps you understandreal-time bidding (RTB) and the services available in AWS that can beused for RTB. This paper will showcase the RTB platform reference architecture used by customers today, as well as provide additional resources to get started with building an RTB platform on AWS.

Reference Architectures - Delivering highly targeted, relevant advertising requires a scalable infrastructure, access to big data analytics, a flexible platform to run your specific applications, and a fast content distribution network to make sure users are never waiting for your content. AWS can provide you the tools to make your digital marketing and digital advertisement delivery speedy, scalable, and successful.

Use Cases

Scalable Campaign Websites

A campaign website handles huge amounts of traffic in a very short time. AWS provides the easy scaling and elasticity to make sure your website can handle the influx of web traffic when your campaign goes live. AWS works on a pay-as-you-go cost model so you don’t have to guess at your infrastructure needs and you never need to pay for capacity you don’t use.

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Actionable Campaign Performance Analytics

Data helps make sure you’re doing the most targeted and effective campaigns you can. Mining your database for customer insights also ensures you can target the right person, at the right time. Amazon Web Services data storage and analysis solutions enable you to easily, scalably, and affordably ingest, process, deduce insights from, and utilize your data to create effective digital marketing campaigns.

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Customer Use Cases - Video Sessions

Beeswax - Using AWS to Power Your RTB Infrastructure
Neustar - Reaching Target Audiences with Redshift
Mobiquity - Creating Compelling Digital Experiences
AdRoll - Beating the Speed of Light With AWS
MediaMath’s Data Revolution with Amazon Kinesis and Amazon EMR
Customer Showcase: The Secret Sauce Behind GroupM's Marketing Analytics Platform

Get started

Getting started with AWS is easy. You can set up an account with just a few clicks without any up-front or on-going commitment. Contact our experts and start your own AWS Cloud journey today.