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Learn more about using AWS for video content acquisition with these resources.

AWS Snowball | Introducing a new 80TB appliance and four new regions

Can traditional live linear content distribution models be effectively evolved from existing satellite communication networks to pure IP-based cloud-centric transit? In this session we will take a look at requirements that must be met to facilitate wide-scale distribution of content at low latency with high levels of availability, durability, reliability and throughput.

Amazon S3 | Introducing S3 Transfer Acceleration

This new feature of Amazon S3 moves files across long distances - like countries or continents - up to 300% faster than before. 

AWS re:Invent 2015 | (NET406) Deep Dive: AWS Direct Connect and VPNs

This session dives deep into the features of AWS Direct Connect and VPNs. We discuss deployment architectures and demonstrate the process from start to finish. We’ll show you how to configure public and private virtual interfaces, configure routers, use VPN backup, and provide secure communication between sites by using the AWS VPN CloudHub. 

Find out how you can use AWS to store and manage video and digital assets. Learn more about AWS storage services.

AWS Webinar | Journey Through the Cloud - Digital Media

In this Amazon Web Services (AWS) webinar you can learn how you can make use of the economical, elastic, and on-demand compute and storage capacity that AWS offers to address the challenges faced by media & entertainment companies.  

AWS Webinar | Storage with Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier

Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier provide developers and IT teams with secure, durable, highly-scalable object storage with no minimum fees or setup costs. In this webcast, we will provide an introduction to each service, dive deep into key features of Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier, and explore different use cases that these services optimize. 

See how Amazon Web Services can accelerate content production with highly scalable and elastic compute services

AWS re:Invent 2015 | (CMP404) Cloud Rendering at Walt Disney Animation Studios

This session addresses the hurdles that animation and VFX studios face and focuses on automation of 'disposable' components (specifically infrastructure, licensing, fleet management, data and dependency management in a large-scale batch workload). We apply these general cloud techniques and utilities to an animation/VFX workload and push the limits with a very large scale cloud renderfarm deployment. 

AWS Webinar | Visual Effects Rendering in the AWS Cloud with ThinkBox

Visual effects rendering has traditionally been a time consuming, resource intensive process. As a result, content producers are moving rendering workloads to the AWS cloud to take advantage of the scalable, on-demand compute resources that can accelerate their rendering workloads 

AWS Webinar | Save Up to 90% on your Amazon EC2 Bill with Spot Instances

EC2 Spot Instances are particularly valuable for cost effetively scaling visual effects render farms, allowing you to save up to 90% of cost by bidding on spare Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances. We will review Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, the benefits, new key features, and best practices on getting started and optimizing your cost savings. We will walk through popular EC2 Spot and AWS Lambda use cases, such as batch processing and web architectures. 

Find out how AWS accelerates and automates delivery of high quality video content to consumers, broadcasters, and content aggregators around the world.

AWS Webinar | Introduction to Media Processing, Delivery and Storage in the Cloud

The rate at which video operations are moving to the cloud is accelerating, and operators can take advantage of this trend to reduce total cost of ownership, flexibly address shifting technology requirements, and more quickly launch IP video services. This webinar will focus on how a video producer can use Elemental Cloud and AWS services to store, archive, compute, transcode and deliver digital media content in the cloud. 

AWS Summit 2016 | Comcast's CTO Sree Kotay at the NY Summit

Amazon customer guest speaker chief technology officer and executive vice president Sree Kotay, Comcast Cable, discussed Amazon products & services that led to their success by using Simple Notification Service (SNS), Simple Queue Service (SQS), Kinesis and XONE product platform.  

AWS re:Invent 2015 | (SPOT209) Raising the Bar on Video Streaming Quality Using AWS

Delivering streaming video at scale with high availability, security, and performance is a challenge for many large organizations. In this session, learn how Amazon Video was able to build one of the world's largest video delivery platforms using multiple AWS services such as Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Elastic MapReduce. 

See how AWS is transforming the publishing industry by reallocating resources from infrastructure management to content creation and customer engagement.

AWS re:Invent 2014 | Condé Nast Goes All-in with the AWS Cloud

Discover why Condé Nast migrated its entire datacenter to AWS and how the company reduced costs by 40% and increased operational performance by 30-40%. 

AWS re:Invent 2014 | Time Inc. Goes All-In with the AWS Cloud

Discover why Time, Inc., a major publisher with over 80 brands worldwide, is going all in and moving 5 of its global data centers to the AWS Cloud.

Newscorp Uses AWS Support to Optimize Infrastructure

Newscorp is an Australian media company that publishes newspapers, websites, and movies. Newscorp uses AWS Enterprise Support to optimize its cloud deployments on AWS and achieve new IT efficiencies. 

Learn how to use AWS to power OTT platforms and deliver rich video experience directly to consumers. 

AWS re:Invent 2015 | (DVO203) A Day in the Life of a Netflix Engineer

This is an in-the-trenches look at what operating at Netflix scale in the cloud is really like. It covers how Netflix views the velocity of innovation, expected failures, high availability, engineer responsibility, and obsessing over the quality of the customer experience. It also explains why freedom and responsibility are key, trust is required, and chaos is your friend. 

Pure Play Video OTT | A Microservices Architecture in the Cloud

This talk will provide both a high­level discussion and a detailed exploration of how to architect an OTT platform that allows for growth, scalability, security, and business changes at each tier, based on real­world experiences delivering over 100 Gbps of concurrent video traffic with 24/7/365 linear TV requirements. 

AWS SF Summit 2015 | Vessel Keynote Presentation

Learn why San Francisco-based startup, Vessel, built and launched its new highly anticipated video platform using the breadth and scalability of the AWS Cloud.

Find out how AWS Cloud services and partner solutions can help to streamline and automate your media supply chain.

AWS re:Invent 2015 | (ISM307) Migrating Fox's Media Supply Chains to the Cloud with AWS

The Fox Network Engineering and Operations group collects, prepares, and packages all incoming media for multiplatform distribution, and creates the substantial infrastructure that supports this distribution. See how they share media processing workloads across the group's existing facility, a private cloud, and AWS; to dynamically provision and scale resources as required; and to automate the entire flow of the group's media supply chain. 


4K video is fast setting the minimum bar for content capture, be it consumer, prosumer, professional, episodic or theatrical. This in turn is leading to more demanding infrastructure requirements for media production, management and distribution. In addition to discussing the way in which an agile cloud infrastructure can meet the demands of a 4K workflow, this session will cover cutting edge technologies like remote application visualization and server-less workflow automation that can greatly help today's media companies in the race to serve their gadget savvy consumer.

Leverage the power of big data and analytics on AWS to understand how your content is being consumed and your customers can be better served. Learn more about AWS services for big data and analytics.

MLBAM Builds New Player Tracking System on AWS Using Power of Big Data Analytics

MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) is the interactive media and Internet division of Major League Baseball. The organization uses AWS to run the big data analytics platform that powers its Statcast product. By using AWS, MLBAM is delivering new information that helps fans, broadcasters, and teams better understand the dynamics and athleticism of the game.  

Learn How Hearst Publishing Manages Clickstream Analytics with AWS

In this session, learn how Hearst designed their clickstream analytics application and how you can use the same architecture to build your own and be ready to handle the changing world of clickstream data. Dive into how to do Spark streaming from an Amazon Kinesis stream, use timestamps to cleanse and validate data coming from diverse sources, and see how the system has evolved as data types have change from HTTP GET to RESTful JSON requests. 

In the event of a disaster, you can quickly launch resources in Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure business continuity

AWS re:Invent 2015 | (ISM202) Sony Pictures' Rapid Recovery Solution for Disaster Recovery

This session will discuss the solution used by Sony Pictures Entertainment to achieve rapid business continuity in digital media delivery and secure IT services. The combination of AWS infrastructure, Amazon Workspaces, and Aspera application software allowed Sony Pictures Entertainment to restore file transfer business services in less than one day and give business users and administrators secure access to infrastructure. 

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