Cryptography is hard to do safely and correctly. The AWS Crypto Tools libraries are designed to help everyone do cryptography right, even without special expertise. Our client-side encryption libraries help you to protect your sensitive data at its source using secure cryptographic algorithms, envelope encryption, and signing.

You can use these libraries with any cryptographic service provider, including AWS Key Management Service or AWS CloudHSM, but the libraries do not require AWS or any AWS service.

AWS Encryption SDK Developer Guide
Learn how to use the AWS Encryption SDK, an encryption library for all types of data. It makes best-practice client-side encryption easier, so you can focus on the core functionality of your application.
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Amazon DynamoDB Encryption Client Developer Guide
Learn how to use the Amazon DynamoDB Encryption Client, a client-side encryption library designed especially for Amazon DynamoDB table items. The encryption and signing features are easy to incorporate into your existing DynamoDB applications.
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