Help teachers and professors prepare for class

Whether over their morning cup of coffee or on the drive to work, educators can ask Alexa to review their lesson for the day, identify students who are struggling with class material, or get reminders on upcoming due dates. EdTechs can build Alexa skills that provide convenient access to some of their product’s most powerful data, create a skill that gives educators the average score on the previous day’s assignment, identify concepts students are most struggling with, or offer ideas on how to group students based on similar learning needs. EdTechs can also build skills that help teachers review the day’s key learning objectives and planned activities or send communications to parents. Alexa helps busy teachers be more productive and effective by offering convenient access to your product's most powerful insights and tools.

Make it easier to manage administrative tasks

Administrative tasks, while important, often take up a lot of an educator’s time. With Alexa, EdTechs can help administrators, teachers, and professors complete these tasks quickly so they can move on with their day. Using Alexa, teachers can enter a sick day or schedule days off without having to call into the central office or log into a platform. Administrators can find and report professional development days, send notifications to teachers, and communicate with parents. Professors can report any classroom issues, post notes from office hours, and send students feedback without having to open a computer. Alexa can help streamline cumbersome tasks so educators can spend more time focused on students.

Give on-demand access to critical data

Educators often need access to important data. With Alexa, EdTechs can build skills that give administrators on-demand updates on key performance indicators like student and teacher retention, enrollment numbers, and compliance issues. When teachers or professors are planning their next lesson, Alexa can surface up insights from your product on how students have done with prior learning material, where they might need reinforcement, or suggest which topics to move on to next. Alexa can help educators monitor at-risk students and get updates on their progress. Alexa helps educators get access to important information when it’s most critical.

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