Give students help on homework

EdTechs can build Alexa skills that offer coaching prompts and strategies that help students be more independent and productive at home. If students are struggling with a math problem, Alexa can offer hints or questions like “What are you trying to figure out?” or “Can you write an equation?” to help students overcome hurdles. Students writing an essay can get reminders on how to craft a strong thesis or find help formatting footnotes. Alexa gives students effective at-home support so they are able to solve problems and complete assignments on their own.

Help students review material and prepare for exams

With Alexa, students can listen to a lecture, review a study guide, or prep for an upcoming quiz in the car, at home, or on the go. Help students commuting to campus review significant historical figures of the American Civil War with a voice-based study guide. Build an Alexa voice quiz that helps biology students test their knowledge of the different components of an animal cell while they are folding their laundry. With an Echo Show, you can create flashcards to help students practice everything from expanding their vocabulary to identifying famous works of art. Alexa makes studying more convenient.

Offer supplemental learning content

Help students broaden their knowledge with additional learning content recommendations tailored just for them. When coupled with machine learning, EdTechs can build Alexa skills that help students identify what they need to study next. Give students struggling with multiplication targeted practice at home with a game-like quiz that targets the times tables they need to work on. Help students who have mastered a topic go deeper by offering supplemental learning content such as famous speeches or talks on more advanced issues. With Alexa, EdTechs can give students convenient access to content customized to each student’s strengths and areas for improvement.

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