Provide access to personalized information

From class schedules to financial aid deadlines, students want to keep track of everything without the hassle of logging in to multiple sites or mobile applications. With Alexa, universities are delivering a personalized way for students to find out the grade they got on their last exam, get a reminder about an upcoming appointment, and hear their remaining meal card balance. Alexa can also help students be more productive. They can ask Alexa “What’s on my calendar today?” Or, students can create a new meeting, schedule an appointment with an academic advisor, or book at room at the library. With Alexa, students can save time and stay focused on the things most important to their success.

Keep students informed about campus events

Instead of having to read an email, look at the newspaper, or check out the events board in the union, students can get an Alexa flash briefing on the day’s events. Universities can quickly program flash briefings to provide daily updates on events such as concerts, film screenings, or guest speakers for the day. Students stay informed about key dates on the school calendar, notable school news, and sports scores from university teams. Alexa flash briefings help keep students connected to the campus community.

Connect students to campus resources

Alexa makes it easier for students to connect with resources that are already available on campus. With Alexa, students can access academic and social support without having to call or go online. Alexa can help schedule appointments with an academic advisor, book a conference room at the library, or request disability support. Alexa makes it easier for students to access the university services designed to help them flourish on campus.

Provide answers to student questions 24/7

Instead of calling the help desk or searching through a website, students can simply ask Alexa. They can ask questions about getting around campus like “When’s the next shuttle to library?.” When hungry, students can use Alexa to locate the nearest open cafeteria and even hear the specials on the menu. If they need to contact a professor or their academic advisor, Alexa can help get phone numbers and email addresses. Because Alexa is always available, students can get answers to these questions any time day or night.

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