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Available node types

Amazon ElastiCache currently supports the following Cache Node Types:

Cache Node Type vCPU Memory (GiB) Network Performance
Standard - Current Generation
cache.t2.micro 1 0.555 Low to Moderate
cache.t2.small 1 1.55 Low to Moderate
cache.t2.medium 2 3.22 Low to Moderate
cache.m4.large 2 6.42 Moderate
cache.m4.xlarge 4 14.28 High
cache.m4.2xlarge 8 29.70 High
cache.m4.4xlarge 16 60.78 High
cache.m4.10xlarge 40 154.64 10 Gigabit
cache.m5.large 2 6.38 High
cache.m5.xlarge 4 12.93 High
cache.m5.2xlarge 8 26.04 High
cache.m5.4xlarge 16 52.26 High
cache.m5.12xlarge 48 157.12 10 Gigabit
cache.m5.24xlarge 96 314.32 25 Gigabit
Memory Optimized - Current Generation
cache.r4.large 2 12.3 Up to 10 Gigabit
cache.r4.xlarge 4 25.05 Up to 10 Gigabit
cache.r4.2xlarge 8 50.47 Up to 10 Gigabit
cache.r4.4xlarge 16 101.38 Up to 10 Gigabit
cache.r4.8xlarge 32 203.26 10 Gigabit
cache.r4.16xlarge 64 407 25 Gigabit
cache.r5.large 2 13.07 Up to 10 Gigabit
cache.r5.xlarge 4 26.32 Up to 10 Gigabit
cache.r5.2xlarge 8 52.82 Up to 10 Gigabit
cache.r5.4xlarge 16 105.81 Up to 10 Gigabit
cache.r5.12xlarge 48 317.77 10 Gigabit
cache.r5.24xlarge 96 635.61 25 Gigabit

Looking for T1, M1, M2, M3, C1, or R3 Nodes? See the Previous Generation Nodes page.

On-Demand Nodes

On-Demand Nodes let you pay for memory capacity by the hour your node runs with no long-term commitments. This frees you from the costs and complexities of planning, purchasing, and maintaining hardware and transforms what are commonly large fixed costs into much smaller variable costs.

Pricing is per node-hour consumed, from the time a node is launched until it is terminated. Each partial node-hour consumed will be billed as a full hour.

Reserved Nodes

With Reserved Nodes, you can choose to make a one-time up-front payment, no upfront payment and pay low hourly charges, or one-time upfront payment with lower hourly charges for each node you wish to reserve for a 1 or 3 year term. In return, you receive a significant discount off the ongoing hourly usage rate for the node(s) you reserve. Amazon ElastiCache provides Standard and Heavy Utilization Reserved Nodes for its current cache node families. To learn more about Reserved Nodes, please visit our Reserved Nodes page.

Standard Reserved Nodes

Heavy Utilization Reserved Nodes

Backup Storage

Backup storage is the storage associated with the automated and user-initiated snapshots you have taken. Amazon ElastiCache provides storage space for one snapshot free of charge for each active ElastiCache for Redis cluster. Additional backup storage is $0.085/GB every month (same price in all regions). Data transfer for using the snapshots is free of charge.

Data Transfer

Amazon ElastiCache provides strong network level security by allowing access/data transfer only from or to the Amazon EC2 Instances you define as part of your Security Groups.
  • There is no charge for data transfer between Amazon EC2 and Amazon ElastiCache within the same Availability Zone.
  • While standard Amazon EC2 Regional Data Transfer charges of $0.01 per GB in/out apply when transferring data between an Amazon EC2 instance and an Amazon ElastiCache Node in different Availability Zones of the same Region, you are only charged for the Data Transfer in or out of the Amazon EC2 instance. There is no Amazon ElastiCache Data Transfer charge for traffic in or out of the Amazon ElastiCache Node itself.

As part of AWS’s Free Usage Tier, new AWS customers will receive free 15 GB of data transfer out each month aggregated across all AWS services for one year.

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