Karmasphere provides a graphical, high productivity solution for working with large structured and unstructured data sets on Amazon Elastic MapReduce. By combining the scalability and flexibility of Amazon Elastic MapReduce with the ease-of-use and graphical interface of Karmasphere desktop tools, you can quickly and cost-effectively build powerful Apache Hadoop-based applications to generate insights from your data. Launch new or access existing Amazon Elastic MapReduce job flows directly from the Karmasphere Analyst or Karmasphere Studio desktop tools, all with hourly pricing and no upfront fees or long-term commitments.

You can run Amazon Elastic MapReduce with Karmasphere Analytics under two different licensing models – “License Included” and “Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL)”. In the "License Included" service model, you do not need separately purchased Karmasphere licenses; the Karmasphere software has been licensed by AWS. Simply launch your Elastic MapReduce job flows directly from Karmasphere's desktop tools or launch them through from the Java SDK or Ruby CLI with Karmasphere Analytics enabled. If you already own Karmasphere licenses, you can use the "BYOL" model to launch Amazon Elastic MapReduce job flows with Karmasphere Analytics. The “BYOL” model is designed for customers who prefer to use existing Karmasphere licenses or purchase new licenses directly from Karmasphere.

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Karmasphere Analyst is a visual, desktop workspace for data professionals and analysts to explore and interact with Big Data on Amazon Elastic MapReduce. It provides visual tools to use SQL, or other familiar languages, to make ad-hoc queries and interact with the results. The workspace provides access to structured and unstructured data located on Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic MapReduce job flows, or local file systems, supports intuitive analytics via graphical wizards and SQL, and allows users to publish results to files, databases, and other applications such as Microsoft Excel or Tableau. With Karmasphere Analyst you can:

  • Access Elastic MapReduce Job Flows – Create new Elastic MapReduce job flows through an easy-to-use wizard or choose from a list of existing job flows that you launched with Karmasphere Analytics enabled.
  • Assemble Unstructured and Structured Data – With drag and drop file system access to Amazon S3, automatic discovery of common file formats and compression types, and wizards to aid with data discovery and assembly, Karmasphere Analyst makes it straightforward to analyze your data regardless of type, volume, or origin.
  • Analyze Rapidly with Familiar Capabilities – Karmasphere Analyst provides wizards, auto-complete, syntax highlighting, and visual query plans to simplify prototyping, debugging and deploying Apache Hadoop applications onto Amazon Elastic MapReduce.
  • Act on Results – You can export results to a file or database, integrate with single-click access to Microsoft Excel, Tableau, or other BI tools, and save and reuse the code that generated the result.

Karmasphere Studio is a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE that provides a familiar graphical environment for managing the complete lifecycle for developing Hadoop applications on Amazon Elastic MapReduce, including prototyping, developing, testing, debugging, optimizing, and deploying those applications. By simplifying the development of MapReduce jobs on Amazon Elastic MapReduce, Karmasphere Studio increases the productivity of developers, saving time and effort. Its intuitive, visual interface enables the full spectrum of developers - from those just starting with Big Data to those highly-experienced with Java, Cascading and Streaming - to take advantage of Amazon Elastic MapReduce. With Karmasphere Studio you can:

  • Access Amazon Elastic MapReduce job flows - Create new Amazon Elastic MapReduce job flows through an easy-to-use wizard or choose from a list of existing job flows that you launched with Karmasphere Analytics enabled.
  • Prototype and Develop - Prototype using a graphical workflow and easy-to-use wizards to enable rapid development and debugging of applications before deploying them onto Amazon Elastic MapReduce.
  • Test and Debug - One-click deployment of applications, graphical monitoring and profiling tools, and drag-and-drop HDFS and AMAZON S3 navigation make it easier to test and debug Amazon Elastic MapReduce applications.
  • Optimize and Package - Profile job behavior, diagnose on-cluster problems, and get recommendations to help optimize performance. Guided packaging of Hadoop jobs enable them to be packaged appropriately, exported from the IDE, and deployed onto Amazon Elastic MapReduce job flows.

Please visit the Karmasphere registration page to receive download and installation instructions for the Karmasphere desktop software.

Karmasphere, a Big Data Intelligence company, unlocks the power of Apache Hadoop for developers and analysts in the enterprise. Karmasphere offers Big Data Analytics solutions to explore unstructured data produced by web, mobile, sensor, and social media together with traditional structured data. Its product suite builds on the Karmasphere Big Data Analytics Engine™ offering the use of standard programming and query languages and a graphical user interface to maximize productivity for greater discovery, insight and action.