Claranet, a global managed services provider, uses Amazon Elasticsearch Service to power a variety of use cases for its customers, including a United Kingdom-based media company with turnover of more than a £1 billion that provides online music streaming. Amazon Elasticsearch Service with built-in Kibana allows the company to get near-real-time insights into platform usage, including data on popular artists and albums, trending playlists, listen times, and more. With Logstash seamlessly integrated into Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Claranet easily ingests millions of new log lines/metrics per day. “Amazon Elasticsearch makes it easy for Claranet to deploy and manage Elasticsearch clusters. We have multi-instance clusters configured and running in minutes and we can scale in or out as required with simple configuration changes in our infrastructure-as-code pipelines," says Steve Smith, senior reliability engineer and team lead at Claranet. “Amazon Elasticsearch Service also takes care of administrative functions including monitoring, failure recovery, and patching, allowing us to save significant amount of operational time and therefore lower our costs.”