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Transform the core and build the future of your energy business. AWS is how.

As the world’s population continues to grow, so does the world’s energy consumption. To meet these growing energy needs, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides energy companies the foundation to transform complex business and operational systems while accelerating the transition to a more sustainable energy future.

AWS delivers the broadest and deepest cloud platform and industry solutions for energy companies to transform legacy operations. Reduce your carbon intensity and accelerate the development of innovative renewable energy businesses and business models. Transform the core and build the future of your energy business. AWS is How.

The Future of Energy (1:36)


Optimize efficiency

Deliver improved safety and performance with edge-to-enterprise connectivity that seamlessly connects physical operations and IT infrastructure, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Drive business agility

Improve decision-making across operations to respond to market fluctuations and shifts in energy demand quickly, while you innovate the design and scale of next-industry practices and energy solutions.

Increase Intelligence

Accelerate enterprise transformation with speed and scale through the deployment of the most advanced high-performance computing, machine learning, IoT, and data analytics capabilities.

What's new

Seismic Workflow Optimization

Enables Seismic data to be streamed and transcoded, allowing for data consolidation and removal of costly data copies, duplications and format conversions.

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Laredo migrates to AWS, sees $60K net gain per month

Learn how Laredo quickly migrated to a serverless architecture that enabled real-time well monitoring for proactive risk management.

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AWS Energy re:Invent replays

Watch the top 10 keynotes and Energy specific break-out sessions during re:Invent. 
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Learn top announcements that came out for the energy customers from AWS solutions architects. 
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Engage in thought leadership, news and case studies from AWS, our partners and customers.

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Case studies

Energy companies are using the AWS cloud to transform their business and build for the future.

TC Energy

TC Energy maximizes operational capacity by innovating on AWS.

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Storengy moves HPC to AWS, runs geoscientific simulations 2.5 times faster.

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Laredo migrates to serverless architecture on AWS, sees $60,000 net gain per month.

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bpx energy

bpx energy uses AWS to edge closer to a net-zero ambition.

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ExxonMobil Global Projects Company transforms collaboration on major capital projects using AWS, with projected savings of thousands of engineering hours.

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Halliburton Landmark uses Amazon Aurora to boost performance by up to 30%.

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Stewart Fry, VP of Enterprise Information Technology and Services for bp, shares the AWS and bp story.

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Digital Twin allows remote facility exploration in-real-time using IoT, Robotics, and AI.

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Increased detection and remediation of potential security breaches by 100%.

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