Driving the OSDU Standard

The cloud provider your business chooses for the OSDU Data Platform matters. Pave the way for the future of Energy by breaking through costly limitations of monolithic applications with AWS. When your data is always at the ready, you significantly lower operation costs, mitigate risk, and make decisions more confidently.

Interoperability means choice and adaptability. With OSDU, you choose the best-in-breed applications to optimize your unique workflows. Reduce downtime, eliminate manual steps, and free up your workforce to fuel the next great discovery.

Use Cases

OSDU gives you the tools to liberate your data and accelerate your workflow. With fine-tuned control over business processes, you’ll reduce silos and gain access to data—creating opportunities for customized, more effective workflows.

OSDU Data Platform - Exploration


Time wasted collating data is costly and can delay crucial decision making. Increase efficiency of exploration with an on-demand high performance computing platform, common data repository, and collaborative geological and geophysical workflows.

OSDU Data Platform - Development


Improve workflow and lower operational costs. Quickly run and test simulations and use collaborative workspaces for reservoir engineering to develop plans for increased recovery.

OSDU Data Platform - Well Engineering

Well engineering

Reduce downtime and improve reservoir economics. Predictive maintenance warns you of premature pump failures saving you costly repair hours. Improve net present value (NPV) through analysis of fracture, pressure, and production data sets.

OSDU Data Platform - Operations


Lower your operating expenses and increase workplace safety by streamlining production monitoring, production optimization, predictive maintenance, and route optimization workflows.

Available On-demand

OSDU Energy Data Platform on AWS R3 Kick Off

Join us for the R3 production release of the AWS implementation of Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) Data Platform. During this webinar we will:

  • Learn about the OSDU Data Platform
  • Explore the new R3 production release and how our customers are using it
  • Share how AWS is enabling customers to reduce silos and fuel sustainable innovation

Adaptable Solutions for Tomorrow’s Innovations

OSDU - Adaptable Solutions for Tomorrow’s Innovations

The OSDU Data Platform gives you the tools to liberate your data and accelerate your workflow. With fine-tuned control over business processes, you’ll reduce silos and gain access to data—creating opportunities for customized, more effective workflows.


As the platform of choice for millions of active users and tens of thousands of AWS Partner Network (APN) partners, AWS is recognized for optimal security, reliable access, and greater flexibility.

Strategic Security, Complete Oversight

The AWS Cloud allows you to scale and innovate while maintaining a secure environment. As an AWS customer, you will benefit from data centers and network architecture designed to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. AWS infrastructure is custom-built for the cloud and is monitored 24x7 to help protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers’ data.

Unrivaled Recognition

AWS has the most compliance security certifications and accreditations in the market.

Proven Expertise

Over 1 Million active customers inform our security with capabilities built for our most stringent customers.

Unlimited Control

Know exactly where your data is stored and control who can access it at any given moment. With continuous monitoring for real-time security, only the right resources have the right access at all times.

Better Access for Less Downtime

Recognized as best in class by industry analysts, AWS offers the best global infrastructure for running workloads that require high availability.

  • 77 Availability Zones (AZ) across 24 Regions to ensure data durability and availability
  • 210 security, governance, and compliance key features
  • Fewer downtime hours compared to the next largest cloud provider

Adaptable Workflows that Work

AWS provides unlimited choices and streamlined procurement when it comes to adopting top-tier applications.

  • Diverse landscape of applications with no vendor lock-in
  • Easy integration into your current workflows
  • Change adaptable to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving industry

The History of OSDU Data Platform

Shell SDU

AWS partnered with Shell to help solve an industry problem. Exploration workflows were inefficient, and interpretations could take months to generate. By removing data from silos and creating a subsurface data lake, AWS helped Shell unlock the potential of streamlined workflows.


AWS joined the Open Group forum to help democratize data, improve workflows, and lead innovations in the subsurface and energy community.

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Introducing OSDU

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There are other ways to connect with us. We offer complimentary OSDU bootcamps tailored for Application Developers, Data Scientists, and other IT professionals.

*OSDU is a trademark of The Open Group.

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