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  • Why the greatest danger to enterprises isn't change - it's stagnation

    We surveyed 10,000 senior business and IT decision-makers in enterprises across the UK, France, Germany, Israel and Spain to understand how they managed to keep reinventing their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic without a roadmap for what was happening.

    Read their insights into how they expect their organisations to keep growing in a post-pandemic world.


    Reinventing Without a Roadmap: Why Now is Not the Time to Take your Foot Off the Gas

    Mario Thomas

    Head of Experience-Based Acceleration, AWS, EMEA
    Mario Thomas shares his thoughts on the report findings and provides guidance as to why and how you can continue to drive business change and transformation, even in challenging times.


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    Courage to Change: Lessons in Large-Scale Transformation

    Hosted by
    Phil le Brun
    Enterprise Strategist, AWS

    In this episode of Conversations with Leaders, Phil le Brun talks to John Hurley, CTO of Ryanair, and Lucy Nugent, CEO of Tallaght University Hospital, who share their personal experiences in a lively discussion around transformational change.

    Darren Hardman, VP and General Manager, AWS UK and Ireland

    How HPC and AI Can Help You Thrive

    Nash Palaniswamy
    Global Sr Director Technical Computing, Intel

    A conversation with Dr. Nash Palaniswamy, to get his perspective on the importance of High Performance Computing (HPC) and AI, for both business and society today - and the role these technologies will play for future generations.

    AWS Verified

    Emma Smith
    Director, Global Cyber Security, Vodafone

    Emma discusses security as a business enabler, the evolution of Vodafone's security organization, diversity and inclusion, and maintaining team culture in a virtual environment in episode two of AWS Verified.

    Culture for change

    Phil le Brun
    Enterprise Strategist, AWS

    Phil le Brun addresses some common apprehensions around migrating to the cloud, which can be based on misunderstandings arising from licence agreements of the past. 

    Darren Hardman, VP and General Manager, AWS UK and Ireland

    New Answers Need New Questions

    Monica Livingston

    Sr Director, AI and Graphics Sales

    With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), it’s not enough to rethink your business: you need create a new mental paradigm. With ‘infinite interns’ at your command, you can ask different types of questions about your data: from ‘find customer emails from last week’ to ‘find me customer emails that are angry’.

    John Sullivan
    CIO & Project Director

    John talks about driving change, embracing innovation and his approach to making it happen. He describes the balance between 'keeping the lights on' and creating a bold vision, as well as the power of automation with a focus on the customer experience.

    Met Office Logo
    Keisha Garcia
    Program Director, Cloud Transformation

    Keisha discusses how she is leading the BP cloud transformation, the importance of bringing your executive team along the journey, and bridging organizational gaps while navigating change.

    Met Office logo
    Charlie Ewen
    Chief Information Officer, UK

    Charlie describes the talent strategy and leadership development program at Met Office, including the value of using exemplars as a mechanism for inspiring teams across vastly different functional domains.

    How to Gain Buy-In for your Digital Transformation

    Darren Hardman, VP and General Manager, AWS UK and Ireland

    In 2020 companies across the globe were forced to change their digital services practically overnight. However some stakeholders still have concerns about digital transformation, whether it be around budget or approach. This paper gives practical tips on how to get everyone on board.

    HPC Infrastructure: What is it and why is it important?

    Darren Hardman, VP and General Manager, AWS UK and Ireland

    High Performance Computing is helping healthcare professionals across the world to improve patient outcomes. From minimising vision loss to genome testing, find out how HPC is taking healthcare to the next level.

    The Intelligent Edge – What is it and what are the benefits to organisations?

    A conversation with Rob Prince, Director, Communication Service Providers, EMEA and Matt Ward, General Manager Global IoT Industry Sales, from Intel to give us their perspective on the intelligent edge, what it means and what are the benefits for organisations today and in the future.

    The Intelligent Edge - How it's Transforming the Public & Private Sectors

    Darren Hardman, VP and General Manager, AWS UK and Ireland

    The Intelligent Edge is helping to overcome challenges that once seemed impossible, and there are plenty of examples to show how it’s transforming both the private and public sectors. We recently asked Matt Ward and Rob Prince from Intel to explain more. 

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    23.03.2022 | London
    Customers Should Always Win
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    Customers Should Always Win
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    AWS Transformation Day
    Virtual: On Demand

    Stay on Target Event Summary: Focusing on the End Game

    IT leaders are under increasing pressure to get their organisations on track for digital success. It's all about delivering fresh customer experiences and outpacing the competition. But how? Read the key takeaways from our Executive Leaders Forum.

    Reinventing Without a Roadmap: How to Transform Without a Clear Route

    A new breed of organisation has emerged from the pandemic, and many have swapped multi-year strategies for a more agile approach. Recently, we gathered executive leaders to share how they’re reinventing their business without a clear roadmap to guide them.

    Embracing failure builds both AI/ML capabilities and character

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disruptive. It’s exciting. And we’ve only touched the surface. Scaling AI and ML is on the horizon for many ambitious businesses, but there is hesitancy in the direction of investment. Leaders discussed challenges and tips at our latest ExecLeaders forum.

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solar cells with wind turbines generating electricity in hybrid power plant systems station on blue sky background alternative renewable energy from nature  Ecology concept.

IT & Environmental and Social Governance

Mark Schwartz looks at Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) – a growing priority for business leaders, government regulators, investors, and standards bodies.

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Lessons in Leadership

Mark Schwartz, Enterprise Strategist at AWS, explores all things leadership. What does it take to successfully lead a business to the cloud? And are some executive leaders holding their organisations back from digital transformation? 

2020 re:Invent Conference

Former AWS CEO, Andy Jassy, shares his thoughts on the impact of COVID-19 and how the pandemic has forced many businesses to reinvent themselves – for the better.

Harvard Business Review Survey

Find out how business leaders deliver customer-focused innovation. Explore the findings of a survey of 585 business executives conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with AWS.

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