Modernize .NET Applications Using the Latest Features on AWS Development Tools

Developers are increasingly looking to modernize their .NET applications on AWS, using the AWS development tools for .NET to quickly get started and manage their applications. Join us for this fireside chat where AWS Technical Evangelist, Steve Roberts, and Norm Johanson, Senior Developer on the AWS .NET SDKs and Tools team, dive deep and demonstrate the latest updates to the AWS SDK and tools for .NET to make development for .NET developers even easier and more productive. 

Live with AM & Nicki

Join AWS Sr. Technical Evangelists, Nicki Klein and AM Grobelny in this interactive series on modern application development, and explore topics such as microservices, serverless computing, data analytics, container orchestration, developer tools, and more. By the end of season 1, you will have a fully functioning modern web application and a better understanding about how the pieces of your app fit together.

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Past Episodes

Start Your Frontend with a SPA
Create the AWS Fargate Service and Automate Your Backend Deployment
Start Your Backend with a Containerized Microservice
Secure Your API with Amazon Cognito
Persist Data with DynamoDB
Capture User Clickstreams with a Serverless Data Ingestion Service

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Watch a demo of a runnig a .NET music application on serverless, using the AWS .NET SDK, AWS Lambda, AWS CodeBuild, AWS X-Ray and more.

Build .NET Apps on AWS

Learn why more .NET developers are choosing to build and deploy their applications on AWS.

Build an App with .NET Core

This example based session will educate you on how to develop cross-platform .NET Core applications on AWS.

Refactor your Legacy App

Explore common approaches to refactoring legacy .NET applications to microservices and AWS serverless architectures.

Migrate your Microsoft App

Learn about common architectural patterns for moving Microsoft applications, such as SQL Server, SharePoint, Dynamics, and Active Directory for a seamless transition.

Deploy Microsoft Workloads

Save money and increase agility by deploying Microsoft workloads on AWS, using .NET.

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