10-11 April,  2024  |  International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Sydney

AWS Summit Sydney

Join us at the International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Sydney to hear the latest from AWS experts, customers, partners, and thought leaders from a variety of industries.  

Builders Day - Wednesday 10 April

Experiment. Build. Operate.

Come build with us! Master the skills to elevate your developer experience using the next generation of AWS tools and services. Learn from AWS and the vibrant cloud community how to boost productivity, build differentiated experiences, and innovate faster with AWS.

Who should attend? This event is for technical builders who want to dive deep into architecture and code and get hands-on with AWS technology. You could be a developer, engineer, solutions architect, or an IT professional, whatever the job title, you have a passion for building.  

Innovation Day - Thursday 11 April

Create. Solve. Invent

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the most transformational technologies of our time, and generative AI continues to capture the world’s imagination. When you step back and look at where we are today, and what is yet to come, generative AI has the potential to revolutionise our lives, whether at home, school, or work. Join us at AWS Summit Innovation Day to learn how organisations of all sizes, and across industries, are using technology to reimagine how they solve tough problems.

Who should attend? This event is for people and businesses who want to explore how technology can be used to drive change. Whatever your job, what you have in common is an ambition to use technology to advance innovation for good.

Event highlights

Builders Day highlights

70+ educational sessions

Dive deep with sessions covering topics such as generative AI, data and analytics, migration, security, DevOps, and more. Experience a variety of session types including live whiteboarding, super sessions, and lightning talks.

Get hands-on and master your skills

Experience cutting edge technology in action with immersive demos, join a workshop and build a solution using AWS, develop your skills with 140+ self-paced AWS Builder Labs, or join AWS GameDay and compete to solve real-world technical problems.  

Peer-to-peer networking

Network with fellow cloud technology enthusiasts, AWS experts, and over 77 partners from the AWS Partner Network.  

Innovation Day highlights

Be inspired by ‘explorers’ and ‘innovators’

Today’s leaders are explorers, determined to capitalise on this moment of opportunity. They recognise success requires boundless imagination, new skill sets, and cutting-edge technology.

Get started on your innovation journey

Kick start your innovation journey with sessions on topics such as how to sustainably realise the full potential of generative AI and how Amazon creates a culture of innovation.

Network with peers

Meet like-minded peers, technology enthusiasts, AWS experts, partners, and global thought leaders.

Program overview

Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

App Modernisation

App Modernisation

AWS DeepRacer

Business Applications

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Data Analytics

Data & Analytics

Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions



Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence





Start building on AWS today

Whether you are looking for compute power, database storage, content delivery, or other functionality, AWS has the services to help you build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability.